[SATLUG] OT: A windows proxy Internet connection ?(way OT)

Mark Spieth marks at teamcmi.com
Tue May 27 17:28:44 CDT 2008

twistedpickles wrote:
> If no one can help or point me into the right direction I will
> understand. I googled but I couldn't find what I was looking for.
> I have 2 internet connections on my lappy 1 (harwdire) to a pix device
> and the other a wireless which goes out directly to the Internet. In
> order to use the corporate connection I have to modify or add proxy
> settings in FireFox and append to the DNS suffix in TCP/IP properties.
> During the day I frequently disconnect from the pix and adjust the
> proxy setting on my browser to get other work done. I also listen to a
> great deal of Internet radio and I don't feel comfortable consuming
> corporate bandwidth for my pleasure. ;) This is a pain in the arse. Is
> there a way that add certain sites to bypass the proxy and use the
> anlternate internet connection?
> I use Windows XP.
ok, first things first.. Go to Tools->Options->Advanced->Network-> settings

In the box marked no proxy for enter a comma delimited list of the 
webpages you don't want to go out the pix. This will cause firefox not 
to attempt to proxy them via your pix. This will cause the traffic to 
head out what ever default gateway you have set. If your default gateway 
is the wireless, which is doubtful, then you are all set. If its not, 
then you will have to get the ip addresses of the websites that you want 
to send out via the wireless and add routes onto your windows box to 
route that traffic via the wireless router..

Hope this helps.....

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