[SATLUG] Fedora 9

John Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Wed May 28 12:20:09 CDT 2008

On Wednesday 28 May 2008 04:49:25 Chris Lemire wrote:
> Seems like a lot of Linux users aren't gamers or just not so many. I wish
> someone could get into m$ servers again and take latest directx code like
> they did windows 2k, and then wine could use it.

I'm one... 
Gaming has always been one of the main reasons I own a computer. When I bit 
the bullet on Jan. 01, 2003 and replaced Windows with Mandrake 9.0, I made 
getting my games running a priority. I knew that Quake2 and Quake3 would run 
on Linux and that's all I cared about at the time. I was a steep learning 
curve, but within a few days I had nvidia glx working and Q2 & Q3 running 
soon after.... followed soon by the original Unreal and UT.

Listed below are some of my favorites, which I still play. Any I list means 
with Linux, some using wine/cedega.

>> On 5/26/08, Todd W. Bucy  wrote:
> >  > Not many notable native Linux games? There are a lot. Just to name a
> >  > few commercial games
> >  >
> >  > Unreal/UT/UT2k3/UT2k4 and soon to be UT3
Have run all of these (except UT3 of course), still have UT2k4 installed + 
Troopers mod (Star Wars mod).

> >  > Quake 1,2,3,4
Have, and play all Q1-4... Quake 1 is still my fave.

> >  > Doom 1,2,3,3roe
Have and play all Doom1-3, not roe, have classic doom mod installed for 
Doom3 :)

> >  > Neverwinter Nights 1 and all expansions
Used to have NWN

> >  > Postal 2
never played

> >  > RTCW
Used to have, fun game

> >  > Wolfenstein Enemy Territories
Had, but never played

> >  > Enemy Territories Quake Wars
Have and think it sucks, wasted money on a game I never play (It's ET, not 
Quake to me)

> >  > Second Life
Rarely play... but if you see a little grey alien with a 'Tux' mascot shirt, 
smokin' a j and carrying a beer and a walking stick, you've seen me. Usually 
dancing for free camping money in a corner of a strip joint.

> >  > Descent 3
never had

> >  > Duke 3D
Still play, plutonium pack edition

> >  > Metal of Honor Allied Assault
had MoH at one point

> >  > Myth II: Soulblighter

> >  > Savage 1 & 2
Had the first one, boring game

> >  > Soldier of Fortune
Ran both SoF and SoF2(cedega)... used to love SoF2

> >  > Tribes 1 & 2
> >  > Vendetta Online
> >  > X, X2
never, never, and never

Other favorites, native:
Arkanoid Space Balls
Eternal Lands
Foobillard - compile source to get bump mapping working
Danger from the Deep
X-Plane 8, plus world scenery - bad audio on 64bit system
SMC (Secret Maryo Chronicles, v1.5 is sweet!)
Rune (not installed anymore)
World of Padman

World of (f***ing) Warcraft, yes I'm addicted... a couple hours a night
Medal of Honor 4 (requires a patched version of wine, not yet played)
NoLimits Coasters 1.6, good rollercoaster sim
Alice (cedega) (no longer installed)
Emperor's Mahjonng (cedega)
Half Life (no longer installed)
Half Life 2 (no longer installed)
Guild Wars (used to work in cedega, not installed for a long time)
ES3-Morrowind (no longer installed)
**Thief II

**install and play once per year, delete the content of the 'movies' directory 
or it's no-go.

That's about all I can think of, probably missed a few :)

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