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John Chalinder argiod at
Wed May 28 17:53:06 CDT 2008

> It's running MAME, an emulator for old video game hardware. Once you get
> that running, though, you'll need to track down all the ROMs for each
> individual game you want to play. And it's not exactly legal to get ROMs
> off the interwebs. There are many out there, but it takes some looking
> and looking to find them.

For anyone looking for ROMs for the old SuperNintendo, I have about 750 in my 
collection. I can zip 'em up on a moment's notice and email 'em to anyone who 
wants to play with them. I also have the two most popular emulators for SNES, 
too. And, because it's considered an 'obsolete' platform, we won't run into 
any copyright problems, either. I'll include the pertinent parts of copyright 
law with the ROMs.

John Chalinder
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