Linux Gaming was Re: [SATLUG] Fedora 9

Geoff geofff at
Wed May 28 21:47:10 CDT 2008

John Choate wrote:
> Not MAME... he's referring to the little bartop game machines, often on a 
> swivel-base mounted to the counter in a bar, sports bar, pizza joint etc..... 
> not the old school coin ops like pacman etc. These ones present a menu for 
> which games to play and a timer depending on how many coins get inserted. 
> Some of the games featured include movie and sports trivia, tetris-like 
> games, strip poker, memory image-matchup games etc. All with a touch screen 
> interface.

thems is the ones.  There should be some way to disable the coin
requirement in the software, and change a conf file to use a mouse
instead of the touch-screen.  And, they do run Linux.  I'd like to know
where the software would be available.  I'm pretty sure there's a
smallish (~20meg) hard drive in 'em.

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