[SATLUG] H0w t0 p05t 4n 3m411_

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu May 29 19:22:10 CDT 2008

Brian wrote:
> I personally would rather see the topic change in the email when the 
> topic changes, than keep a topic, such as fedora 9, when the email has 
> nothing to do with the content of the email...  Its called a subject 
> line for a reason... Because it contains the SUBJECT if the message. Now 
> I this is some type of official rule, perhaps the el presidente should 
> send it out.

You don't understand.  When you reply to a message, there are headers that you 
don't see.  In the case of your message, there is:

References: <483EFF03.5070203 at gmail.com>

This is from my original message and that is what is used for threading.  It is 
not enough to just change the subject line.  When you are a member of a mailing 
list, you are a member of a community.  Just because something does not affect 
you, doesn't mean that it doesn't affect others.

   -- Bruce

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