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Fri May 30 10:23:13 CDT 2008

I really like that analogy....I never thought of it as a tank.  You're also
right about picking things suited to a specific task.  I am no fan of
Microsoft for a multitude of reasons, but I do love the fact that because of
their incompetence, lack of innovation and general mediocrity, I make an
insane profit supporting their enterprise product line.  In that light, I
absolutely refused to touch Vista until about a month ago (aside from the
betas and RCs prior to RTM.)  It is still a bloated turd of an OS, but I
know that eventually I will need to support it in some shape or form.  I've
already run into this with Linux based filers and Vista/Office 2007
incompatibilities.  For many things, Windows will do just fine just as Linux
will do just fine.  It's a matter of getting a task accomplished efficiently
and promptly.  I bought my girlfriend a new iMac for Christmas, and tinkered
around on it here and there for about 2 weeks - haven't touched it since.
While she may like them for asthetic reasons, I would never buy one for
myself.  They are severely over priced and do absolutely nothing that I
can't do with Linux installed on cheap PC hardware (based on my normal
workflow.)  The trend is heading toward the OS becoming almost irrelevant,
so in the near future, things like aesthetics and customization will become
more important than the technology itself.  It's sad to see that happen.

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 6:05 AM, pixelnate at <pixelnate at>

> On Fri, 2008-05-30 at 02:14 -0500, Robert Pearson wrote:
> > MS$ actually does some good stuff. The best is in the applications
> > area which was the intent all along.
> > Bill Gates was much more of an applications guy than an OS guy.
> > C# seems to be making progress as a standard language thanks to MS$
> > opening it with the Rotor project, now known as the Shared Source
> > Common Language Infrastructure (SSCLI), and Ximian porting it with the
> > Mono project.
> Yeah, I am not a big fan of Mono, but for some people it's the bees
> knees. Better to have choice than not to.
> > The thing that irritates most people is the fact that most MS$ product
> > is closed. I don't like it. I believe in free.
> > Sort of like buying a Ferrari or Porsche and finding the hood welded
> > shut. Only access ports to engine maintenance areas.
> > Interesting enough, vintage Rolls-Royce's engines were sealed. You
> > could open the hood but not work on or modify the engine.
> Honestly, if you can afford a Ferrari or a Porsche, you probably know
> nothing about rebuilding the engine in your car. If it is a Ferrari or
> Rolls, then you really shouldn't be messing with it either. There was an
> author (who's name escapes me) who wrote a story about how Windows was
> like a station wagon with the hood welded shut and the Macintosh was a
> sports car with it's hood welded shut, and linux was like a tank where
> everything was accessible to work on. The thing is you have to know how
> to maintain a tank if you plan on using one.
> I like my tank. The corners aren't overly rounded and it's not plastered
> with bits of fake metal texture, but sometimes the problem I am trying
> to solve requires a sports car or station wagon. Tanks are ill-suited
> for going to the grocery store.
> ~Nate
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