[SATLUG] OT - photo scanning services

Mark McCoy mark at mccoyfam.net
Fri May 30 11:09:14 CDT 2008

Hey all,

Just a quick (non-computer) question.  Has anyone on the list used a photo
scanning service recently?  I have a few hundred photos that I would like
scanned, and I wanted to see if anyone could recommend a professional
service (preferably a local one).

Also, these are standard 4x6 prints taken over the last 20 years, what would
be a good resolution to scan them as?  I have seen several services online
offering 300, 400, and even 600 dpi (for increasing costs), but I wonder
which would be the best resolution.  I do intend to have some of these
reprinted eventually (a physical photo album is still nice to have), and I
want to ensure that they will still look nice after reprinting.  My scanner
is OK, but I don't want to sit for a week scanning pictures unless I have
to  :) , only to find out that I didn't scan them at a high enough


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