[SATLUG] How to post an email

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri May 30 11:59:42 CDT 2008

Howard Haradon wrote:

> Bruce, what advice do you have for those who read in
> digest form?  I try to:

> 1. Use Gmail's "reply to"

This is the problem.  Use the Compose Mail link instead.  The address is simple:
satlug at satlug.org.  When I type in satlug, gmail automatically detects what I 
want and fills in the rest.

This does not use threading, but threading is not really appropriate for 
messages from digest mode.

> 2. Copy the subject from the appropriate post
> 3. Remove all the unwanted posts and overhead
> 4. Write my reply and send it

These steps are good.

You could also disable digest mode.  That is really there (IMO) for people who 
really just want to read and not post much.

   -- Bruce

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