[SATLUG] Fedora 9

Daniel J. Givens daniel at rugmonster.org
Sat May 31 12:08:43 CDT 2008

On Sat, 31 May 2008 06:26:27 -0500
"Robert Pearson" <e2eiod at gmail.com> wrote:
> Maybe OpenSource OS info does not belong on a Linux mailing list?
> Fair enough.
> The Unix list I read thought these OpenSolaris based distros were all
> Linux or of no interest.

I believe you missed the point of what I was saying. If we wanted to
get down to a very narrow definition of what is "Linux", then the only
things that would be on-topic would make us look like another LKML.
This goes back to the point of my previous post. Semantics aside, most
people lump everything in their distro into the generic term of linux.

I think it's awesome that we have the various branches of BSD and
OpenSolaris that are running GNU, Gnome, KDE, etc apps. It's getting to
a point that the learning curve for moving from your linux distribution
of choice to one of those is only mildly steeper than if you just
moved to another linux distribution.

Perhaps it's just me, but the free software community isn't split
by the kernel we use because we all use a large portion of the same
software on top of that kernel. That's why it would be silly to consider
a discuss about OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, or any other unix-like OS
inappropriate for the list.

I've just really grown tired of the stupid pissing contests that I've
been seeing here. People have been getting their feelings hurt and the
overall tone of the list has gone down hill. With any group, this
happens, but usually it's a sign of stagnation. I saw the same thing
happen in my previous LUG. Once we recognized it, some folks started
making efforts to get the membership more involved in projects for
learning, playing, and community service. It went beyond the monthly
meeting/presentation. When people started doing stuff, the number of
flames went down in the forums and our membership began to grow again.
I think that the decreased negativity in our publicly viewable
communications had something to do with that. 

I'm going to go finish setting up my home server. I've been so close to
having it done for a couple of weeks now. It's about time I finish it

Have a great weekend everybody!


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