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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat May 31 17:05:08 CDT 2008

On 5/31/08, Daniel J. Givens wrote:

>                                                    Semantics aside, most
>  people lump everything in their distro into the generic term of linux.

True, and that seems to me to be part of the problem.

If this were a car, you would be much more likely to pay close 
attention to the make and model.  You wouldn't say your vehicle is 
broken, you'd say that your Corvette is having a problem with its 
brakes.  And everyone would know that a Corvette is a model of car 
that is made by Chevrolet, a brand owned by GM.

But for whatever bizarre reason, they don't do that with Linux.

I'm perfectly fine throwing all distributions under the general 
rubric of the single term, so long as we all understand that this is 
just a hand-waving exercise and when you start talking about specific 
problems then you also need to get specific about which make and 
model you're talking about.

Just like we could have a San Antonio Car User Group mailing list, 
and we could all talk about our Nissan Altimas, our Toyota 
Highlanders, our Chevrolet Corvettes, our Honda Fits, our Ford 
Escorts, or whatever -- and we could all use the generic term "car" 
to describe them, even if some of them were technically SUVs or 

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