[SATLUG] OT: Dell Poweredges for Sale! $250 for it all

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Sun Nov 2 10:59:55 CST 2008

So I tried craigslist, and that didn't work. I have a pair of dell 
Poweredge servers that I don't do anything with anymore, but were fun 
whilst I did play with them  :) They do still work, and I think Source 
Mage is up and running on both of them. You should be able to install 
any linux that supports the Adaptec SCSI stuff. I even have the command 
line Adaptec controller manipulator that Adaptec put out. It's in the 
root dir of one of the servers, so get it off before you format the 
thing  ;)

1 Dell Poweredge 4300
  * 4 Pentium III Xeon 500s 2Mb Cache
  * 2.5 GB ECC Ram
  * Adaptec AACRAID scsi card (Yeah it does raid 5)
  * about 200gb worth of scsi disks (cumulative, quite a few are 16gb 
ones, and some are 9gb ones)
  * Triplicate power supplies
  * Gigabit ethernet

I have another Poweredge 4300 that I used for spare parts, so if you 
take one you get the parts too :) Now you've got spares of just about 

I have another poweredge that's slightly less cool, only a dual cpu 
pentium II 550 or something, it works too, still has the triplicate 
power supply. I don't remember how much ram.

But basically, the point is, I need it to go away, it's taking up too 
much space in my computer room. So, I'll part with it all for $250.

Thanks for your Off-Topic Attention,

David Kowis
Source Mage Linux - www.sourcemage.org
Liberty! - www.campaignforliberty.com

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