[SATLUG] Ubuntu 8.10 is presently trash...

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 20:15:18 CST 2008

Sorry for the help request earlier, but apparently there are dozens of 
things wrong with Ubuntu 8.10, no matter whether you're doing a 
distribution upgrade on-line (as I did), or fresh-installing from a 
disk.  After some really bad experiences with it, I'm back-stepping to 
8.04 the hard way - wiping the disk, doing a clean CD-install of 7.04, 
and then dist-upgrading back to 8.04.

Common problems (personal, and seen on both the /Linux Forums/, and 
/Ubuntu Forums/ sites) in  Intrepid Ibex include: new video drivers 
(both ATI and nVidia) that won't load, loss of sound (both ALSA and OSS) 
in one or both stereo channels, lock-ups, freezes, and just plain 
dumping the user to a terminal login...

The terminal doesn't frighten me, so I actually tried running scripts to 
install the "new" ATI video drivers, and it still didn't work - several 
of the dependencies are apparently broken...  But, the terminal does 
frighten, confuse and confound several novice and non-tech users out 

For a strong Ubuntu supporter/user, who's gonna stay with it, I gotta 
say that this new 8.04 upgrade definitely isn't ready for prime time!  
It feels like someone  or some thing parked an "alpha" pre-release out 
there for us to hang on...  Not real fun...  As a former boss once told 
me, and I'm here to remind the rest of us: "Ubuntu ain't quite ready for 


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