[SATLUG] Ubuntu 8.10 is presently trash...

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 13:57:21 CST 2008

Ian wrote:
> ed wrote:
>> Sorry for the help request earlier, but apparently there are dozens of
>> things wrong with Ubuntu 8.10, no matter whether you're doing a
>> distribution upgrade on-line (as I did), or fresh-installing from a
>> disk.  After some really bad experiences with it, I'm back-stepping to
>> 8.04 the hard way - wiping the disk, doing a clean CD-install of 7.04,
>> and then dist-upgrading back to 8.04.
> Ed,
> Why are you installing 7.04 and upgrading to 8.04 as opposed to doing a
> direct install of 8.04?  Just curious . . .
> Ian
Hmm...  One, because I have the disk, and two, because there are some 
apps and hooks in the earlier versions that I wanted to recover.  Its 
also nice to be able to step back a kernel or two on boot to experience 
the differences.  To each, his own, I guess.  While I don't miss the 
wifi problems from 6.06LTS and 6.10, there are some things I miss about 
it too.  Problem there is that all those repositories are gone now...


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