[SATLUG] Reinstall apache2?

FIRESTORM_v1 firestorm.v1 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 20:34:21 CST 2008

Well after many weeks of scratching then banging my head against my
compaq server, I have ended up hosing my apache2 setup.  It's either
because A) I did something stupid and pulled some vital apache2
configs, B) Webmin hosed my apache2 configs, C)apt-get hosed my apache
configs, but either way....

How do I force-reinstall apache2?  The configs weren't reinstalled
when i did an apt-get remove apache2 and an then apt-get install
apache2 and still nothing.  My webmin apache module still says it
can't find the configuration files. I've tried specifying /etc/apache2
(which is where the files should be, but......)

It took me almost a solid month to get the compaq software installed
(intended originally for either RedHat or BSD) to get the fans down to
a dull roar. I'd really not reinstall.  I'm running Gutsy Gibbon on
the server and it has performed admirably, despite the hiccup with
vmware server. (why it REQUIRES X is beyond me, but meh...)

Any suggestions?



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