[SATLUG] grouply

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Fri Nov 7 23:01:17 CST 2008

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> what exactly is grouply?  i joined because someone i know did.  now it keeps
> sending me invites or rather messages that someone who knows someone has
> joined too.  i thought it was like facebook or a social networking thing.
> i'm not understanding what it is i guess...cheryl

It would appear that it's a fairly evil site. So go change any passwords 
you may have entered into the site, not through the site, and ensure 
that you're not using the same password for grouply anywhere else. Oh, 
and do it from a knoppix live cd.

That's what I'd do. And I'd not run windows, especially if grouply 
installed anything.

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