[SATLUG] OT: Anyone with a sprint aircard, please read

FIRESTORM_v1 firestorm.v1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 00:59:27 CST 2008

I wanted to share with you something that just happened with me
concerning my Sprint aircard, or more specifically their data service.

About a year ago, I signed a contract with Sprint to get an aircard
with an "unlimited" data package. At time of signing, I asked the
agent if there were any caps, restrictions, usage rates, etc that I
need to know about.  The agent replied (and at the time he was
correct) that there were no restrictions on the use of Sprint's data
service.  Keep in mind, I am talking about the data service associated
with the aircard, a dedicated hardware cellular modem, not any
phone+data packages.

After doing a quick look at my account and checking usage, I came
across a link on the aircard's usage that said "data rate limitations
may apply". Further examination revealed that my previously
"unlimited" data service now has a 5GB cap.

I conferred with several friends who also have these aircards and
their independent research returned mixed results. Some of them
reported no data cap, some said that was for new data plans only and
some said that this was for all aircard-based service.

After an exhaustive inquiry with Sprint, I was dismayed to find out
that all cellcard data packages are now limited to 5GB/month with
5c/100MB overage. I was concerned that I was not informed of the
policy which went into effect November 1st and the agent told me that
there was a mass mailout done about this change.  He reviewed my
account but did not find the information indicating that I was part of
that mailing.

He extended to me the offer in the mailing which was an opportunity to
disconnect my aircard and data plan without incurring the $200 early
termination fee.

I chatted with my friends who use Sprint's aircard service and
informed them of this and none of them received the mailing either.
Several of them live outside major cities where an aircard is their
only internet connection that isn't dialup and they are equally upset
about this change.  They, like me are going to be terminating their
contracts with Sprint within the next few days.  From what I
understand, there are no providers allowing unlimited data
connectivity using an aircard.  Cricket Wireless with their claim of
unlimited data goes further in the nefarious act by saying that you
can't use their service for streaming video, TV
rebroadcast(slingboxes) etc, and that if you use more than 5G/mo you
are up to no good.

I'm posting this to SATLUG and XCSSA because I'm sure I'm not the only
geek with an aircard and I don't want anyone else to find out the way
I did.



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