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David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Sat Nov 15 11:11:09 CST 2008

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Sean I wrote:
| I am finally fed up with time Warner, my bill keeps increasing and i
| call them every month and they take stuff off but it is getting old.
| I was thinking about DSL (yeah i know slower but still works).  There
| were a few guys here about 2 weeks ago peddling Uverse for at&t, said
| i was one of the only houses in the neighborhood that could get it
| (which i doubt but i played along).  I remember some people on this
| list shunning uverse and telling of the badness of it, could they
| reiterate on it so i have some more information.  If i do go to AT&T
| is it better to get the uverse stuff or straight DSL, or do i have a
| choice?  I would just like to hear from people who have it before i
| make a decision (this will effect my phone and cable too, when i leave
| a service i leave it all).  Of course the two blokes peddling the
| uverse were explaining to me how their 10GB fiber backbone was faster
| than roadrunner 15Gb backbone, made me wonder if i was just going
| crazy.......

I don't believe you've got a choice. I pay $40 a month for 6mbit down
1mbit up. I've got FTTH, though, no copper between me an the internet.
Theoretically, the shorter the copper is, the more you can cram over it,
thanks to a lack of attenuation.

That said, i haven't had too many problems with ATT. I wish I could get
verizon's FTTH service 20mbit/20mbit, but they don't exist here,
otherwise ATT'd go out of bizness. Oh and so would Time Warner.

Anyways, It's a lesser of two evils thing.

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