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gboswell gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu
Sat Nov 15 15:09:11 CST 2008

Zeb Fletcher Wrote:
> I love my U-verse but there are something you have to live with when you get
> it. The first is that you only get 4 streams (2hd/2sd) This means you can
> only watch or record 4 channels at any given time. If you have more than 4
> televisions I wouldn't do it. The DSL is fine I have the middle tier and it
> downloads just fine for my taste. I ran the speedtest.net just now and got
> 2827kb/s up and 931kb/s down.  Some of the things I really like is the whole
> house DVR, This allows me to watch the DVR from any TV in the house and
> doesn't count against your streams so if the wife is recording three things
> and I'm watching the Spurs the kids can grab a movie off the DVR.
> Zeb
I may be missing something here but with TWC I have a two year contract
where for HD + HDSHO + Internet + DVDR I pay 104.80, tax etc. included
and it is guaranteed for two years. Just now using my MacBook with Wireless
at www.speedtest.net I got 19798kbs down and 1880kbs up with the slowest
in my history being 12580/1842 and fastest 25805/1904.  Iam  paying too
much or just lucky with my internet, or am I not seeing the true picture.

I do however get the momentary freeze
frame occasionally in HD viewing so it is not perfect but compared to my
work speeds at SAC I'm in speed heaven  with  TWC.  I'm on  every day
and usually hours at a time and while looking at some HD at the same

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