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> I grabbed a small tidbit of info from the web and posted it to my blog
> http://www.smbtechadvice.com/ about the next version of Ubuntu having a
> slightly customized version tailored for ARM processors.  Theoretically the
> battery life should exceed 8 hours.  Check it out if you're interested.
> On a side note...has anyone bought any of the new MacBooks (the ones with
> the 'unibody' construction)?  How are they?  I kind of want one, but the
> price is a little high.  I'm hoping that there are some other side benefits
> that may tip the balance away from Dell.  The OS is not one of them at all.
> I just like the design and 'light weight' of the new MacBooks.
> Thanks,
> Ernest
I have a black 2.0 and a white1.83 and I was lusting after the new one
also. It will be a while before I can justify/afford one. I wanted the
backlit keyboard but it only comes on the $1599.00 model. From my
viewpoint it has:
    Nivida 256MB video card but only does 1280x1024
    has LCD backlit video, saves battery and looks great
    backlit keyboard is light sensitive
    battery/memory/hd compartment as one and much better
    light weight vs Black Macbook
    ceramic touch pad, multi finger sensitive .. nice
    up to 6 hour battery life {my 3hour battery lasts all day for me}

The only thing is the new MacBook Pro 15" is made of the same uni-body
construction and has 2 nvidia cards with 512MB with more features etc.
for $1999.00

Truth the MacBook is over priced but every thing just works and work well.
For 1599.00 - 1999.00 I bet we could get a Linux Build Notebook that
would "just work" also. If I can ever get the hibernate/suspend features of
Linux to work as well as Apple and with the reduced power usage, I'd sell
my MacBooks, but until then, I'll just have Linux a virtual client inside of
Fusion and Virtual Box. Seems like being a traitor to Linux and SATLUG
but I'm so busy now that always fiddling and re-installing just takes too
much time. I did find a dual boot with MacBook/Ubuntu I'm thinking of
trying but not till the semester is done.

BTW I rarely ever shutdown the MAC I just close the lid, come back and
I'm right where was 8 hours ago and only 5% less battery. The last test
I created took me 3 days and I never saved it until done and that was in
a parallels virtual XP shell. Keeping the environment I'm in up and right
where I left off is nice, especially when you have CRS.


Glenn Boswell "Boz"      gboswell at mail.accd.edu
gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu {class related}
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