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>> > would "just work" also. If I can ever get the hibernate/suspend features of
>> > Linux to work as well as Apple and with the reduced power usage, I'd sell
>> > my MacBooks, but until then, I'll just have Linux a virtual client inside of
> Here is a page I found that explains pretty well what can be done:
> http://www.linux.com/feature/54610
> Seems like it is possible, but haven't tried it.
> TuxonIce also seems like a possibility:
> http://www.tuxonice.net/features
> -b.
I started and I was able to get a manual script to hibernate and resume but
it took almost 40% of the battery (new one) (60% old one)   if I  left 
suspended overnight +. The Mac will use maybe 10% max and both have
4GB ram and 7200 drives. The tuxonice may be a better implementation
that will solve the problem. I will try it after the semester is over. 
While I
don't use the Linux Box every day it is my mail backup.



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