[SATLUG] Distro for Firewall / Gateway Server

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Tue Nov 18 16:17:21 CST 2008

Alan Lesmerises wrote:
> If I wanted to setup a server to act as a dedicated firewall / gateway 
> server, and to possibly run some home automation type stuff (think X-10 
> appliances or similar), would there be any particular distro that would 
> be better suited for that?  In other words, do any distros come already 
> pre-packaged with the kinds apps that would support that sort of thing 
> right out of the box?
> Al Lesmerises

Sounds like you would be better off with a dedicated server box and a 
wrt54gl for the gateway/router.  I have been using smoothwall 2.0 for 
about 5 years now.  I can't seem to wean myself off of it because it has 
a very nice QOS mod and squid web caching is just cool.  But I do have 
an idea to someday replace the smoothwall box with a wrt54gl that I have 
  and do some iptables editing to redirect web request to an internal 
server that I will install squid on.  There are alot of firmwares that 
you can install on the wrt54gl.  I like tomato 
http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato mainly because of the nice QOS interface.

More firewall distros: 


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