[SATLUG] Need more resolution choices

Andrew Pickens wg5o at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 20 20:10:56 CST 2008

Starting back in August, many of you helped me with this problem.  This 
post is only to close that question.  It turns out that a blind hog can, 
eventually, find an acorn.

I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 on a computer with an Asus mother board with VIA 
K8M890 (Chrome 9) video.  After all else failed, I set out to use a VIA 
Linux driver.  The first challenge was to pick the correct one; none of 
the numbers exactly matched mine.  I finally downloaded 
'Linux-FBDev-kernel-src_2.6.00.03a,' got the readme, picked the section 
that seemed to apply, and started work. I got as far as 
'/usr/src/drivers/video/via/Linux-FBDev-kernel-src_2.6.00.03a$' before I 
got completely stuck and had to abandon the effort - I just didn't 
understand what I was to do.

Then I set off to adopt a new video card, per Ed's suggestion, below.  I 
opened my box and discovered the video  is integrated into the mother 
board.  What to do?  I downloaded the mother board manual. No help 
there. Before seeking your help, I thought to try rebuilding xorg.conf 
using 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg.'  I restarted and, lo 
and behold, I had 1024x768, just what I wanted.  I have no idea why.

Now, my Ubuntu is almost completely functional.  Thanks to all.

Andy Pickens

ed wrote:
> Andrew Pickens wrote:
>> Othniel Graichen wrote:
>>> Andrew:
>>> In viewing this thread, most responders were concerned about your
>>> monitor.
>>> I think that you seem to have a decent monitor.  At least one that
>>> communicates back to the video card what its' name is and what its'
>>> capabilities are.
>>> Find out.  If you really have to use the VESA mode on your card, then
>>> you
>>> are limited to VESA resolutions.
>>> Its time to replace at least your video card with something newer --
>>> don't
>>> you think?  I'm not saying to go out and buy a new nvidia card for
>>> $150 but
>>> you can pick up a descent video card for $5-$10 at Goodwill or at a
>>> computer
>>> show.
>>> How much is it worth for you to solve this issue permanently?
>>> Othniel Graichen
>> I'll spend a few bucks if it will solve the problem.  I bought a new
>> wireless card when I couldn't get WiFi working, only to find out the
>> problem was that ndiswrapper wouldn't install a 32-bit driver in 
>> 64-bit Ubuntu.
>> My computer was built in March 2007.  The video card is VIA K8M890
>> (Chrome 9) integrated video.  The monitor is Dell M780, an old CRT
>> that works fine.
> In that case, you might wanna try an ATI or an Nvidia card and use their
> drivers.  I've had good luck with ATI cards using their restricted
> drivers...
> Cheers;
> Ed

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