[SATLUG] Need more resolution choices

Andrew Pickens wg5o at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 1 15:29:54 CDT 2008

ed wrote:
> Actually, you need to find the driver that Windoze uses (mine uses
> bcmwl5), point your system to it, or even better, move a copy of it to a
> special directory, and wrap that using ndiswrapper.  THEN, the system
> should be able to find it using the restricted drivers applet. 
> Otherwise, look at the MAN pages for ndiswrapper and follow their clues...
> I was thrilled by this concept, because it worked so well for my 
> wireless.  I found the windows driver w/o trouble.  But, then I went 
> to the manual:

and it says that ndiswrapper is specifically for wireless drivers.  Are 
you sure it is safe to try?  I would hate to mess up my wireless, which 
is working great.   Also, I don't understand "... restricted drivers 
applet."  System>Administration>Hardware Drivers apparently provides a 
route to implement restricted drivers, but my list is empty, and my 
ndiswrapper installed driver doesn't appear there.


Andy Pickens

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