[SATLUG] was now help with raid setup on linuxmce box now linuxmce success

toddwbucy at grandecom.net toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Wed Oct 1 16:13:14 CDT 2008

> <<SNIP>>
> I finally settled on doing the following:
> > SDx 5 gig RAID1 swap
> > SDx 495 gig RAID1 LVM
> > SD 320 gig hd RAID1 LVM
> >
> I don't see a Boot partition, and you cant boot off of LVM, so I must be
> missing something.

yeah I forgot to include that my boot partition is on a 256mb usb stick

> That is the RAID tradeoff, Speed or Space.  I also hope that the arrays were
> done building when you tested, as the performance hit of the rebuild would
> again artificially hinder performance (Not as much as a R5 rebuild, but
> still noticeable).
I was not aware that the RAIDs setups (both the 5 and the 1) would still need to
be built after by initial install.  That said both attempts at transferring the
media files were done 4 to 6 hours after the initial install so I am not sure
if this adversely affected my test.  Tahnks for the tip I will remember that
for next time.

> I bet.  That sounds cool.  You could also transcode and store video on the
> 770, so that you can watch other stuff on the "remote" too!
Theoretically this should be true.  however I have found that video playback on
the Nokia 770 leaves a lot to be desired.

> I have not had any problems with video over wifi (once I found the cleanest
> freq's and added some gain with better antennae).  I do have 2 different
> WLANs on 2 different (non-neighboring) freq's in the house, one is dedicated
> to my 3 laptop computers, the other is for the 3 video clients.  A, G, or N
> should do fine.  B is FAR too slow for any type of higher-quality video.I have
had great experience watching tv over wifi with mythtv.  I was more referring to
getting the wireless driver to work under kubuntu 7.10.  Last night I was able
to get Linuxmce working on my Toshiba A105 and it did take some massaging with
the wifi driver but overall I am greatly pleased with the results.
I have not as of yet had the chance to try virtualizing linuxmce but that's next
on the list.  will prob tackle that this weekend.  Also until I get a new case
for my lenovo y510 it will have to wait.

again thanks for the tips

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