[SATLUG] printer for Ed

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 00:43:37 CDT 2008

My older HP OfficeJet G85 all-in-one works like a champ in Hardy and also in
RedHat and Gutsy too!  I looked at the Linux printer website...HP seems very
well supported.  I know I've tried many all in ones including PSC's that all
worked great...
I'm also going to check out Graybeards Ebay site for future reference to see
what PV stuff her has!  Being in NB we should be able to pop over and pick
something up (I would think) rather than incur high shipping

When you have so little in life, there's nothing as precious as the
unselfish, undying love, devotion and companionship of  blessed little
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Misty Nov. 2007; Maxi, July 2004; Sheba, May 2000).

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