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Henry Pugsley wrote:
> If you take the CCNA combo exam there is less subnetting and more
> troubleshoot/config. The exams for the two parts are 150 questions in
> 90 minutes, or you can do the combo with 50-60 questions in 90
> minutes. You will need to subnet but there won't be 50 questions on
> just that.
> That binary math game that comes with the books (also avail ont
Is there a link for this game?  Can't seem to find it...
> cisco.com) is actually pretty good for practicing your speed. Its also
> a good example of why engineers shouldn't write games ..
> I just took my CCNA in June and it wasn't that bad, though I have a
> few years of networking under my belt already ;)
> -Henry
> On 9/30/08, F. Corona <frank05_82 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hello Group,
>>     I would like to know if any one is getting ready for their CCNA or
>> I need some help with subnetting and i could also use a study group or
>> partner.
>> If anyone is interested please let me know.
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