[SATLUG] [OT] Testing Eudora

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Oct 2 19:10:47 CDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> You might want to try Seamonkey (aka Mozilla Suite).  Personally I like 
> the Seamonkey interface, both mail and web.  It uses the same web engine 
> as Firefox, but I like the web interface better. It is able to use most 
> FF plugins.

I do use both Firefox and Thunderbird, but I explicitly do *not* want to try 
to deal with a "unified" program of the sort represented by Seamonkey.

I much prefer to keep my mail and web programs separate, especially in case 
I need to change one of them for some reason.

Like pitching everything to do with a GUI-based mail program and going back 
to mutt.

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