[SATLUG] SeaMonkey (Mozilla) Browser Crash

Howard Haradon hharadon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 10:50:19 CDT 2008

Hello,  This AM I had 2 unexplained crashes (the
window just disappeared) of my internet browser.
I have recently installed Puppy 4.0 with kernel
and use SeaMonkey 1.1.11, Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U;
Linux i686; en-US; rv:  This SeaMonkey
version is the newest stable ver. that I installed using
the .tar file from their web site.  It did not come thru
Puppy's package manager.  BTW, Synaptic or
apt seem to be missing in Puppy as well as any
complete repository system ??

Anyway, I poked around and found only one
message after each crash that might point to the
problem in /tmp/xerrs.log :

/usr/local/seamonkey/run-mozilla.sh: line 131:  2142
Segmentation fault      "$prog" ${1+"$@"}

Both time the message was the same.

At the time of these problems, I was fussing with an
email reply in Gmail, fumbling the arrow keys, CTRL,
and/or the Ins key on a standard desktop keyboard.
I have tried several key combos, but cannot duplicate
the crash.  I had some memory problems earlier on this
PC, but have done extensive test of its current DRAM,
and they *look* solid.

Any ideas will be welcomed.

Thanks,  Howard
Howard Haradon
San Antonio, TX  USA

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