[SATLUG] SeaMonkey (Mozilla) Browser Crash

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Sat Oct 4 11:31:03 CDT 2008

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> If you want to be sure of the health of your RAM, I would suggest
> getting a bootable copy of memtest86, burn it onto a CD, then reboot and
> let the utility run overnight to directly test the RAM a few times.
> It's helped me identify a memory problem that I couldn't verify while
> the full OS was running (the minimal boot OS is only a couple hundred kb
> in size, so that leaves everything else available for testing).
> Al Lesmerises
> Howard Haradon wrote:
    <  snip  >
>> Thanks,  Howard
Yes, that is a good practice, and it's what I did with
the latest memtest86+.  The newest is ver. 2.01, and
it is compatible with the VIA C7 CPUs.  I did an overnite
test for about 8 hours.
Thanks,  Howard

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