[SATLUG] Free Stuff

Sean I siffland at nerdshack.com
Sun Oct 5 15:00:26 CDT 2008

Hey all i am cleaning out my closet and i have a USB wireless B Lucent
Technologies USB-W (it says ORiNOCO USB Client SILVER) wireless usb
card.  It has a pigtail hanging out the back with a 15foot (it looks
15 foot, very heavy gauge cable) and a RADIALL/LARSEN 14dBI gain
square antenna with mounts to mount to a pole.  I have no use for this
i got it form a friend before I moved to Texas in 05 and all it does
is collect dust and take up space and i want it gone.

Also I have a computer that is free it is in a generic case and has
some sort of ASUS motherboard and a Socket 370 VIA processor (I am
unsure of speed i believe it is a C6 around 600 MHZ).  It has no Hard
Drive or cd-rom or monitor or keyboard but it does have RAM and just
booted to post.  I used it for the longest time as my monowall
firewall (it only has one network card left in it).

Anyone insterested I am on the Northeast side and can meet someone
like in the forum or somewhere, e-mail me at ifflands at gmail.com.  All
stuff sold as is cos it is FREE..haha.


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