[SATLUG] Strange issue

Justin Burdette justin.burdette at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 22:29:45 CDT 2008

The drive automounts, and it's FAT16. Can't use FAT32 as it's for the
car stereo and it only reads FAT16. As for filenames, I'm not thinking
that's the issue as I have files with longer names than what I'm
trying to copy. I've had this issue before with a 1GB drive, it would
do the same thing at about 50%...at that point I just finished what I
was doing on my lone XP box. Don't want to do that here as I don't
really feel like configuring Samba server, but I'll do it as a last

Just got to work for the night, so I'll try reformatting it when I get
home in the morning.

On 10/5/08, Alan Lesmerises <alesmerises at satx.rr.com> wrote:
> These are just shots in the dark, and I'm no expert, so take them for
> what they're worth.
>    1. How long are the names & paths of your mp3's once you put them on
> the thumb drive?
>    2. Are you sure the thumb drive is mounted using the right file system?
>    3. What about the number of files in that directory (possibly
> reaching a limit)?
> I've run into some issues similar to these in the past (for other
> things), and sometimes I have to remind myself to check for basic things
> before I go chasing after more exotic explanations for problems.
> Al Lesmerises
> Justin Burdette wrote:
>> The  pertinent info: OpenSUSE 11, KDE 3.5.x
>> I'm trying to put music on a 2GB Crucial thumbdrive, and it's giving me a
>> problem... I was able to copy files over with no problem until it got to
>> about 35% full. Now every time I try to copy a file, I get the error
>> "Could
>> not write to /media/Crucial/filename.mp3"
>> The ownership of /media/Crucial is set to my username and the root group
>> (yes, my username is in the root group) and I can't change the group as
>> root. I've even tried firing up Krusader in root mode, and I still can't
>> write any more files to the drive.
>> Any ideas?
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