[SATLUG] VOIP phones

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Mon Oct 13 00:35:50 CDT 2008

On Friday 10 October 2008 04:57:04 pm Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> I'd like to see what people are using and recommending too because I'm
> considering either getting a Cricket cell phone, (since I rarely travel out
> of my area) and perhaps Cricket high speed wireless access later instead of
> a landline myself...the pay as you go won't work for me because local calls
> would cost too.
> My friend David has been using Vonnage (sp?) and despite the company legal
> problems, he has awesome service with all the whistles and bells for
> $24.95/month.

I'm also big on Vonage.. After their big legal flack (and their stock tanked), 
I even bought some stock... figuring that it could only go up.  Even in the 
current market, I'm not doing that bad.. 

But about the technology and service.. I like it.. I have their never 
advertised $15/month (500minute) plan.  Even after taxes and any overages 
charges.. I still come in under $20/month!  Love it!  I run it over Time 
Warner RR ($20/month) and rarely have any probs.

BTW.. If  you are relying on ANY digital phone though.. I would also recommend 
having a cell/mobile phone as a backup though.  If you lose power for a 
night/day, even and UPS will dies and leave you without phone communications.


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