[SATLUG] VOIP phones

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Mon Oct 13 16:11:29 CDT 2008

The friend I am talking about is Andy: cagoodwin at gmail.com
I have been using him for about a year now at 1.5 cents a minute.  You 
will need asterisk or something similar to connect to him.


Samuel Leon wrote:
> I know of a few websites but I don't know of their credibility:
> http://www.sellvoip.net/NewRateForm.php
> http://carriers.icall.com/index.php
> http://www.termination.com/index.php
> http://voipstreet.com/faq.html
> https://vtwhite.com/reseller_signup_form.php
> http://www.iax.cc/show.php?go=services
> http://voicestick.com/Learn/Index.aspx
> http://exgn.net/index.php?p=services
> https://www.voipjet.com/index.php
> http://les.net
> I also have a friend of a friend that I use for voip termination.  I 
> will ask him if he wants another customer :)
> Sam
> Cheryl Holmes wrote:
>> I'd like to see what people are using and recommending too because I'm
>> considering either getting a Cricket cell phone, (since I rarely 
>> travel out
>> of my area) and perhaps Cricket high speed wireless access later 
>> instead of
>> a landline myself...the pay as you go won't work for me because local 
>> calls
>> would cost too.
>> My friend David has been using Vonnage (sp?) and despite the company 
>> legal
>> problems, he has awesome service with all the whistles and bells for
>> $24.95/month.
>> I'm doing a little reanalysis of my phone needs myself..I reassess 
>> things a
>> few times annually...
>> Thank you very much..cheryl

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