[SATLUG] Tweeks VOIP phones

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 12:35:30 CDT 2008

thanks Tweeks for reminding me and us about this issue of having no phone in
the event of a power failure..that seems to happen a lot out here with the
severe weather we get normally so it is a definate issue that needs serious

something else...is if you have a burglar alarm...well no more alarm system
with voip phone...alarms don't work with them..you will still need a
landline for an alarm system...my niece found that out the hard way...

taxes etc are very very high on cell phones and other services.  people like
me on disability or more poor like i am will have problems with those extra
few dollars...these companies really rip you off bigtime!

I couldn't afford a pay as you go phone..like so many cents per minute..for
me, metered service would end up costing me a fortune...with incoming and
outgoing calls including local calls...cheryl

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