[SATLUG] Dumb ThuderBird/SeaMonkey Mail question

gboswell gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu
Fri Oct 17 12:20:15 CDT 2008

First thanks Brian for the GPS reference. One of the only reasons I keep 
XP on an old box it to work with my Garmins.

I have SeaMonkey mail and it is perfect for me but it just started to 
not show attachments in the attachments box, unless I double click the 
email and it goes full screen, then the attachment shows. I did not 
change anything in my system, that I can Remember...., and google and 
the SeaMonkey help doesn't not address the problem. I would think it 
was  a setting some where that was changed but I can't find it. If this 
was XP I'd backout the latest "fix" but their have been no "upgrades or 
patches" applied to my Linux lately. Thanks for the help.

BTW if this is really something simple or stupid on my part give me 
"flames from Hell".


Glenn Boswell "Boz"      gboswell at mail.accd.edu
gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu {class related}
San Antonio College  Dept. CIS (210)-733-2866

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