[SATLUG] Blocked ports on college campus

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Tue Oct 21 13:14:17 CDT 2008

Just recently St. Phillips only allows outgoing connections to 
destination ports 80 and 443 on their public wifi.  So that means no 
irc, no instant messaging, no email, and no SSH.  This can't be!  To my 
knowledge I only have 2 options, ssh or vpn.  I do have one remote 
server that has a free port 80 open so I can get ssh listening on that 
(to connect with ssh -D) or some kind of vpn software.  I am not sure 
which would be easier.  If I use vpn I would like to use ipsec but I 
don't have to.  I am also afraid that with vpn it would have to be tied 
in with the ip address on my laptop which might change subnets depending 
on which access point I am connected to at college.

What do yall think?


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