[SATLUG] Blocked ports on college campus

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Tue Oct 21 13:57:28 CDT 2008

Borries Demeler wrote:
>> Just recently St. Phillips only allows outgoing connections to 
>> destination ports 80 and 443 on their public wifi.  So that means no 
>> irc, no instant messaging, no email, and no SSH.  This can't be!  To my 
>> knowledge I only have 2 options, ssh or vpn.  I do have one remote 
>> server that has a free port 80 open so I can get ssh listening on that 
>> (to connect with ssh -D) or some kind of vpn software.  I am not sure 
>> which would be easier.  If I use vpn I would like to use ipsec but I 
>> don't have to.  I am also afraid that with vpn it would have to be tied 
>> in with the ip address on my laptop which might change subnets depending 
>> on which access point I am connected to at college.
>> What do yall think?
> Argue with the administrators and tell them why you need these ports open
> and why it doesn't represent a threat to them to have them open. You
> can also ask them to open them on a case-by-case basis, let's say just
> to your computer or server. They cannot interfere with the mission of
> the school, which is what they are doing if they restrict your ability
> to do research. That would be my line of argument.
> -b.

Yea I might send an email.  The problem is that it is not only St. 
Phillips that does this but also TSU, so I am going to have to try and 
convince 2 admins...


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