[SATLUG] Blocked ports on college campus

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Oct 21 15:07:47 CDT 2008

John Pappas wrote:

> I am not surprised that they block SSH.  That port makes it nearly trival to
> bypass any perimeter security.  I use it all the time to tunnel to my
> personal squid proxy so that I can have unfettered/unmonitored web access.
> I usually do not need the other ports, as I try to keep all my services
> web-accessible.  If I do need other things, I use SSH to tunnel NX to my
> systems, then use the apps from there.

The OP should show them ssh over DNS.

Unless they want to completely and totally block all traffic into or out of 
their network, there *IS* a way to set up a proxy and completely by-pass any 
port restrictions they may set up.

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