[SATLUG] RAID-0 oops!

D Villarreal dvprogs at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 06:04:11 CDT 2008

A while back I purchased a 1 TB external USB drive. I have a farm of these
drives, usually 200-250 GB range. Well, one day I plugged in the incorrect
power supply into the 1 TB unit and could only access half of the drive.
Turns out this thing has two 500 GB hard drives in it. No matter what I did
in GNU/Linux, I couldn't get back the missing data. I finally did use a
commercial product under the other OS to get information back, but it did
not go as smooth as it should have, and I still lost data, in addition to
this process taking much time and causing much grief. Thankfully I do try to
critical information on multiple external drives, that helped.

What did I learn from this ?

1. I learned that my Intel RAID couldn't help rebuild the data, but I did
reset my Intel motherboard to AHCI/RAID setup like they suggest, for
best flexibility and performance. Of course, I had to make a new MS XP Pro
CD-ROM, so I slipstreamed SP3 and the latest Intel RAID drivers while I was
at it.

2. I learned to label my *&*#@) power supply leads.

3. I'm now motivated to practice using software like testdisk, scalpel,
vdmfec, friendly-recovery, etc. I've recently started using partimage. I
generate a SHA1SUM for each of these backup files.

4. I really need to weed out duplicates, I'm going to experiment using
findimagedupes and fdupes.

When I get the time, I will put the drives back in the cage in a different
order to see if I get the 1 TB space back.

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