[SATLUG] Need webserver help

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Wed Oct 29 22:40:37 CDT 2008

David Salisbury wrote:
> Define what you mean by "not rendering".  What does your browser say 
> when you try to pull up a PHP document?  Do you have the opening
> <?php
> and closing
> ?>
> around your PHP code?  Is PHP installed as a module, and if so, is that 
> module enabled?  It would be in a line similar to:
> LoadModule php5_module     modules/libphp5.so
> in your httpd.conf file.
> David
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> Subject: [SATLUG] Need webserver help
>> We are having a problem with php on our website.
>> HTML pages are pulling up fine but any pages that are php are not
>> rendering at all.
>> I do not have time to troubleshoot this by myself.  If anyone is
>> interested in coming to Schertz we will pay you.
>> BTW the hardware is a Intel dual xeon, 4 GB of ram and running Fedora 8 

I swung by there this afternoon.  I was not able to fix the issue.  One 
of the root directories got renamed apparently.  The only issue not 
fixed yet is apache will not load index.php but it will load index.html. 
  The root directory has both an index.html and index.php.  Renaming the 
index.html should cause apache to load the php one but it instead causes 
it to load the defualt apache test page and throws this error:

Directory index forbidden by Option /var/www/html/

Which makes it sound like the DirectoryIndex option in http.conf is not 
set, and it wasn't.  But when I added index.php to the beginning of it, 
it still had no change.  So I don't know.  Guess I will have to play 
with it some more.  Permissions where correct to.


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