[SATLUG] Re: Not that ISPs dont like LINUX

K. Reginald Buckner buckmiester35 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 00:46:01 CDT 2008

Most people who get hired as tech support do based on Windows OS knowledge.
Even the A+ help desk certification tests Windows OS knowledge.

Linux does have plenty of individuals qualified to do technical support for
Linux as a Desktop OS but it usually
ex Windows users that need the most help.

As for making network choices for Internet access and being a linux user
here what you need to know:

 a) NDIS (windows device driver) can be used in Linux and you can configure
your machine with Samba which will give you windows network access.

b) Choose Vmware player or workstation and get a Windows OS virtual
appliance. That way if you need to access only microsoft type requirements ,
you can do so within Linux.

c) Another choice is choosing a proxy server provider as your ISP with a
generic TCP/IP address (NAT of course) Then just put the address in your
network config file

d) Dont go to Mobile phone companies for net access because they normally
support business account or self-employed types. Go to local ISPs who will
work with you on access requirements for residences.

Reggie Buckner

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