[SATLUG] Local Library's Linux server needs help

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Mon Sep 1 15:01:01 CDT 2008

Chris wrote:
> That's very generous but I think they have or are willing to buy new
> hardware.
> They lack the knowledge of whats needed  to replace/update their aging
> server setup.
> I thought about a wrt54g, but will it support 20 clients?
> I was under the impression that 10 was the usable limit.
> Their current web page is pretty flat, no flash or PHP.

thank goodness for holidays, that allow me to catch up on backlogged email.

I'm pretty sure the range of IP addresses can be configured in the
wireless router to whatever you need.  There's no 10 address limit, that
I'm aware of.


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