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Brian astro at astr0.org
Tue Sep 2 13:49:29 CDT 2008

Your being a tad too critical and misleading. 

You can use 2k/xp programs on vista. I do every day on my laptop (tri boot of vista, ubuntu and whenever I'm playing with this week). 

Software for vista isn't all expensive. I installed pidgin free of charge. Now official ms software like office is expensive, however so is everything else ms makes.

I'd suggest you try using the os before completely bashing it. While I hate using a ms os as much as the next geek, vista has ran well for me, and I haven't had any major problems at all. I prefer linux, but sometimes windows is a necessary evil.

Make your own choices. Do not be a sheep following the herd of others who bash a product simply because of the software giant who makes it. Try it out. Benchmark it. Do your daily work on it and see how it runs for you.

Your opinions could mislead someone into believing that everything to ever come out of redmond is garbage, however, microsoft is, and will be king of the market share long after this thread dies. 

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> Would someone please explain this to me?  are you saying Vista is a good
> alternative to Linux?

No it is not an better alternative to Linux at all. However it is about
personal choice. With Windows Vista you get it automatically when you buy a
notebook or desktop at your favorite computer store.

Here is what you actually receive:

  An operating system that requires the most current hardware and lots of
resources. Dont even bother to use Vista in less than 2GB of RAM. Must have
at least 25-40GB of disk just for system files. Must be careful not to use
2K/XP programs ( the previous Windows releases). A OS that needs constant
updates and security resources (spyware, malware, anti-virus, spam
blok, personal firewall).

Every software in Vista is pricely. Look at how much it costs to buy Office
2007 or Corel Word Perfect Office just for simple things.

Linux is a FOSS package: So you dont pay for the OS and you can make as many
copies you want and even share with family and friends.  You also get a
smaller OS that loads faster and can be used on less resources. However
Linux Distributions are operating environments. Like a Patio is an
environment where thee is furniture, rock gardens, barbecue grill and other
accessories. When you see letters like KDE, Gnome, XCFE, Fluxbox, etc. these
are accessories like what you would find in the patio. It makes the
environment more useful. That is initial principle. Once you get that
concept the rest is gravy...

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