[SATLUG] Does Linux have a way to configure a Cisco 7912 series VoIP phone?

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Tue Sep 2 18:24:54 CDT 2008

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Ian L. Target wrote:
| _Kubuntu 8.04_
| Background:  I called TWC last week to cancel my service 'cause TWC
| was being a tool when it came to what it was charging me.  Well,
| apparently when you call to cancel, you don't get regular customer
| dis-service, you get some 2nd tier CSR's who are able to offer you
| different rates.  I was offered a rate of $99.00 for cable, internet and
| phone.  I don't really use a home phone at all, but the $99.00 was
| cheaper than what I was paying for just internet and cable.  I
| specifically asked /twice/, "Will the phone service work with my regular
| phone outlets?"  The CSR said yes.
| Three days later, an installer shows up with some big ugly-ass modem
| into which I have to plug my phone into to get phone service.  I tried
| my very best not to go off on the installer, but I let him know about my
| conversation with the CSR who said I could use the regular phone outlets
| in my apartment.  He says this only applies to /newer/ apartment
| buildings.    Apparently, my apartment building has some older wiring
| and the outlets will not work, hence the big ugly-ass modem.  I am not
| quite sure what the deal is, but the phone rarely works.  I tried
| calling the number with my cell phone and it does get incoming calls
| about 1/4 of the time.  I have yet to be able to dial out.
| Another call to customer dis-service.  Blah, blah, blah, we'll be out
| Thursday.
| I have a Cisco 7912 VoIP phone.  I have it plugged into my router.  It
| configures it self and and I can make calls out on it.  Some more
| background.  I pulled the phone out of a box of garbage from where I
| used to work.  After plugging in the phone, I realized that the phone
| still was able to make phone calls.  I even recognize the extension.  It
| is to a department that no longer exists.  Even though they (my previous
| employer) are in another state, I can pick up the receiver and dial a
| four digit extension and talk to some of my previous co workers.  I can
| even make regular phone calls if the calls are in the area code of my
| previous employer.  (There is no charge to my previous employer as long
| as the calls are in the same area code as them.)  For long distance, I
| use a calling card or my cell phone.  I am sure it is only a matter of
| time before someone at my previous employment will update their records
| and cancel this particular extension.


I've got a few voip things I'm trying to hack too. Unfortunately,
they're going to require much more work. Like getting a JTAG connector
and forcibly flashing the device to an older firmware, then using
CYT-Tool to hack the thing and then I can provision the sip device
however I want.

Even if you do get it hacked, you probably won't be able to use it on
TWC's phone service. You can probably use it with any other sip provider
out there that will sell you sip minutes. You may not get 911 service,
but meh. There's a few cheap sip providers out there. You get what you
pay for, though. It's cheap and it works, but if it's broken, you'll
have a tough time getting customer support to, well, support. Broadvoice
is one that will work with asterisk even :)

So there you go. Maybe you can set the thing, but you probably can't use
it. Might be best to just hang on as an extension for a while ;)

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