[SATLUG] response Lou, Charles, Leif..offline issue

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 21:48:20 CDT 2008

Lou, I'll go back and see if I can find you recommendation too..I must have
missed it..thank you very much!

Charles, how do I kill the Network Manager?  In system monitor right?  Do I
just right click it and "cut" or "delete"?

Leif, yes I do this everytime or rather have Mom do it everytime she goes
online before she can actually look at any websites.  Clciking it once
doesn't make it stop for the next time you go online...so I'll try the
network manager in System Monitor...Thank you too! cheryl

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My personal experience is that the problem is not Firefox but
NetworkManager.  In my case Firefox, Pidgin,
Evolution were all starting offline.  After NetworkManager is turned off,
everything seems to work fine.

My clumsy solution at this point is first start Firefox (that will start
NetworkManager) then
kill NetworkManager.  This can be done through the System Monitor.

NEVERMIND CHARLES..I looked at it on my pc...right click and chhose KILL
PROCESS on Network Manager correct?  Is that how to turn off anything
running in the backround that I don't need or want?

thank you very much charles!  cheryl
System Tools>System Monitor.  Or by killing the process from the CLI.


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