[SATLUG] San Antonio Hackers

Eric Hulse lists at hamsterswheel.com
Sat Sep 6 13:22:22 CDT 2008

For anyone in the security industry, or even those interested in it you
may know that there is a local 2600 group that floundered for a while over
the past few years but is pretty much dead at this point. 2600 groups also
have an attachment to them of high school kids wanting to hacking into
PBX's and anything else they can get their hands on.

2 Years ago a group of guys in Austin started the Austin Hackers
Association. The concept of the group was technical conversations,
presentations and networking on a monthly basis for 2 hours in the middle
of the week. I've been attending for the past year and I enjoy it. Seeing
as how there is a fairly large community of security professionals in San
Antonio I figured it would be interesting to bring that group here and
allow everyone to collaborate, build on presentation skills, and network.

Currently we are still looking for a place to host the meeting, we have
two locations in mind thus far but they are North Central San Antonio. The
first is Lion and Rose pub off Broadway and 410, the second is Blanco Cafe
on Blanco Road close to 1604. We are hoping to have a place and settle in
to have our first meeting on Oct 1st. The meeting thereafter will be the
first wed of each month from 7-9, and a socialization/drinking hour at 6.
If you have any recommendations for hosting please let me know. If you'd
like to join in on the group visit http://sanantoniohackers.org and sign
up for the mailing list. A website isn't up yet since I just got the
domain up and running yesterday and my web development skills are probably
exceeded by my 2 year old son.

The group is geared more towards security but is entirely open to anything
technical. If you are working some kick ass Kernel module we'd love to
hear about it in a 10,20 or 30 minute presentation. Slides are not
necessarily required but visual aids are always helpful. Although
participation is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged as it will help us
continue these monthly meetings and not become a dead fish like other
security groups in the city have in the past.

If you have any questions, or would like to contribute towards the group
please drop me a line!


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