[SATLUG] help joining two dvd's into one file

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sun Sep 7 12:56:20 CDT 2008

I have finally gotten around to putting the Lord of The Rings: Two
Towers on my mythbox.  problem is I have the extended version of the
movie.  This version comes on two DVD.  I need a way to take the ripped
vob files from both dvds and transcoding them into one file.  The way I
have tried to do this in the past was to use dvdrip to rip and transcode
both dvds into avi format. Then import them into knio, which changes
them into dv format, and splicing them together then transcoding them
into mpeg2. This gets the job done but its a pain in the butt and I am
loosing picture quality in the process.  I know that there has to be a
better way.

thanks in advance for any help

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