[SATLUG] Local Library's Linux server needs help

Sean Crandall sean.crandall at ieee.org
Tue Sep 9 09:46:56 CDT 2008

Carl Muellner wrote:
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>> Chris wrote:
>>> Samuel Leon wrote:
>>>> Chris wrote:
>>>>> Their aging server is running the deprecated predecessor to SME
>> server
>>>>> linux.
>>>>>> From what I can tell they need email, web, and dns/dhcp servics
>>>>> replicated on new hardware.
>>>>> A stand alone firewall router box would be really nice also.
>>>>> The librarians are desperate enough to allow me to tackle the job.
>>>>> So suggesting SATLUG's people resources was an easy sell.
>>>>> Thanks
>>>> Where is the library at?
>> Right after the dangling preposition.   ;)
> A dangling preposition!?!?!
> That is something up with which I simply will not put!
> :o)
Okay, I'm not much fun, but I've had partners "correct" my grammar with 
this (along with things like starting sentences with "And" "But" and 
"So").  So here is the real deal from one of the masters of writing style:

"The spurious rule about not ending sentences with proposition is a 
remnant of Latin grammar, in which a preposition was the one word that a 
writer could not end a sentence with [note that this sentence ends with 
a preposition].  But Latin grammar should never straitjacket English 
grammar.  If the SUPERSTITION is a "rule" at all, it is a rule of 
rhetoric and not of grammar, the idea being to end sentences with strong 
words that drive a point home.  That principle is sound, of course, but 
not to the extent of meriting lockstep adherence."

 From Bryan A. Garner, _The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and 
Style_, p. 266 (Oxford University Press 2000).

So go to town!  End sentences with prepositions!  And start sentences 
with "And" "But" and "So."  Your middle school English teacher didn't 
know what she was talking about!  Really!  (Side note:  Use exclamation 
points sparingly)

Also, since this is a LUG, um, comment your shell scripts.

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