[SATLUG] sendmail gurus...

Enrique Sanchez Vela esanchezvela at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 13:36:47 CDT 2008

Hello folks,

We grew used to update the sendmail.cf file manually to rewrite some rules in order to make emails from the customer's site look nice, however this is a growing pain as the number of servers continues to grow and people requires more detailed instructions every day on how to do what a regular sysadmin should be able to do.

I know updating the file manually is silly, however, given the level of sendmail knowledge in our team stinks, yep, mine too, yep, we could have used postfix,exim or so many others but I am not getting into the trouble of rebuilding it everytime we update the OS on our boxes.

one of the main goals I have is to have a rule to rewirte the From: part of the email from 

user at host.domain  to   user.host at domain  

why??? well that is beyond me, our customer has grown used to this setup and they have built a number of filters in their inboxes, that they pass around to process incoming mail from these boxes and I don't think that changing them is even mentionable.

after looking at the sendmail.cf file, I see these statements...

R$+@$w.$m<tabs here >$1.$w@$m
R$+@$w<tabs here    >$1.$w@$m

they are under Ruleset 4, 

thank you.
Enrique Sanchez.


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