[SATLUG] Low-cost Internet Access

Zeb Fletcher zeb.fletcher at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 17:14:40 CDT 2008

Not sure but doesn't AT&T offer DSL for $10/month still ? I believe they
have a14.99 if that is not available. Faster than dial-up

2008/9/9 Don Crowder <donguitar at gmail.com>

> Arthur Hall wrote:
>> Our church is sponsoring some refugee families.  Among other things, they
>> could use computers to give them Internet access and practice at seeing and
>> interpreting English.  I have two older PCs ready to give them; one has
>> Ubuntu 8.04 installed and the other has Windows 98.  (Ubuntu continued to
>> hang up in installation, so I left the old OS in.)
>> The question is this: What is the least expensive way for them to get
>> Internet access?  They have phone lines, so a dial-up connection could be
>> available.  AOL wants $9.99 or $11.99 per month, depending on how much
>> customer service is available, for an Internet connection.  Is there a
>> dependable, relatively trouble-free, less expensive way to go?  Thanks in
>> advance for the help.
> I've had good luck with these folks for mostly-reliable dial up service.
> http://www.atnisp.com/internetservices.asp
> I wouldn't put Win98 online, it's just too insecure.  Try Debian, PC-BSD or
> KateOS (in that order) until one of them works.  The easiest way to install
> Debian is via the net install (on your fast connection).  You'll probably be
> best served by an external modem; in my experience they're much easier to
> configure and use.
> I've got some older computers but I'm quite certain you could find newer,
> better ones in San Antonio.  It's a long drive to Tow (2 hours from SA) and
> about anything would outperform an AMD K6-2/500 or a 450 MHz Celeron.
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